We are
Nomad Pizza

In September 2019, we opened our delivery kitchen with the mission to make the best pizzas in Delhi.

Our unique concept of bringing ‘pizzas from around the world to your doorstep’ quickly caught the imagination of a discerning South Delhi audience. In just four months we became one of the fastest growing pizza delivery start-ups in India and opened our second outlet for delivery and a dine-in service in Gurgaon.

We offer pizzas from 11 different regions of the world – ranging from America to Korea. We insist on quality and therefore use the best and freshest ingredients possible. There is absolutely no compromise on this. Even our pizza dough is made fresh onsite everyday and our various pizza bases speak for themselves!

As they say, it’s not hard to find pizza but it’s very hard to find really good pizza! We hope you’ll try ours and become a fan of our passion!

Packaging Design

Our pizza box was designed keeping in mind that insulating any flatbread leads to a loss of texture and flavour as the bread is subjected to trapped heat and moisture.
In a regular pizza box, the steam rises from the food, hits the roof of the box and condenses back to the pizza which ruins the texture.
We designed our pizza box with a multi-ventilation system that lets the pizza breathe. The ventilating elements in the box let the steam move in circulation and ultimately escape the box.

Strategically placed air vents on the sides of our pizza boxes provide cross ventilation.
A ridged pizza base tray creates a cushion between the pizza and the base of the box hence trapping the steam under it and keeping it away from the pizza.

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